upcoming events

Baptism August 7,8

For this Baptism Event there are XX souls that have made peace with God and are ready for baptism. They are XXX YYY ZZZ.

Saturday evening at 7PM we shall have the testimony for members only. Sunday morning is the water baptism.

As per our custom – Sunday lunch will be served for all in our dining room.

Baptism by the Holy Spirit and the Holy Supper on Sunday afternoon is for the Members of the ACCN only.

All of our friends (non-members) are welcome to join us for singing at 5PM on Sunday.

Sunday Morning Church Service

Sunday Morning Service Comprises of : Welcome, Greetings, Hymn, Reading The Word, Prayer, Sermon, Hymn, Thanks Giving, Song, and Benediction Sunday Afternoon is the same as the morning but general 4 part harmony singing is after the Benediction

Sunday Afternoon Service

Sunday Afternoon is the same as the morning but general, 4 part harmony singing, is after the Benediction

Bible Class

This is an Excert area